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This is how it works:




  • Call or email us. Tell us about who you are and what you do, and what you’d like to achieve.

  • We’ll come back to you with a brief written treatment (and maybe an example or two) suggesting the best approach.

  • You can supply any assets you’d like to have included in the project (logo, graphics, still images, pre-existing footage etc.)

  • We’ll give you a production schedule and a call sheet, so we’re all clear about exactly what the plan is.



  • We shoot for up to half a day at your location.

  • We use a 4K ultra high definition camera, a basic lighting set-up and professional sound recording equipment.



  • We take care of the edit, colour grade and sound mix in-house.

  • Your package includes music from our library, as well as basic graphics and supers. 

      (If you want something fancy we’re happy to oblige, but it might cost a bit extra)

  • We’ll turn all the elements into a short video – up to 2 minutes long – that you can use wherever you like.

  • We allow for up to two rounds of changes during post-production, to make sure you’re completely happy with the result. 

  • We deliver the broadcast-standard media-ready digital file to you on receipt of payment.



  • Still peckish?  Let's cook up another one!

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