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Q: How can you make such great videos so inexpensively?


A: We're professionals, and we've had a lot of practice!  Experience makes for quick decisions in the shoot and edit, and fewer hours on the job. Our model is professional, straightforward, and stylish. 



Q: Can we make a video that runs longer than two minutes?


A:  Of course you can!  We can extend the shoot and/or edit time as required.  Additional fees are detailed in ‘extras’, and we'll confirm all costs up front so you know exactly where you stand.  


Q: What kind of subjects have you filmed?


A: It's a pretty broad cross-section.  We've done a lot of profiles of creative people - artists, photographers, writers and musicians.   We've created promotional material for small businesses like farmers and shopkeepers and solo professional people, but we've also worked with energy suppliers, property developers and construction companies.  

We specialise in getting to the heart of whatever it is you’re selling, whether it’s yourself or your business.


Q: I'll need multiple cameras to film my event. Can you organise that?


A:  No problem. We work with great crew and we can organise as much camera and sound equipment as you need.  Call us and we’ll tailor something for you.

Q: What kind of equipment do you use?


A: We usually shoot on a Canon EOS C200 4K with a wide range of zoom and prime lenses.  We have enough Sony and Rode microphones to cover atmosphere as well as three speakers at the same time. Ambient light is most often supplemented with Litepro LED panels, but we do have a range of other lamps available.  We also have a slider and a Mavic Pro drone, if required.



Q: What about post production? 


A: Our edit suite is equipped with state-of-the-art edit facilities and colour grading software.  I work best alone (I can take the pups for a walk when I need a break) and am happy to make changes once you’ve seen the finished edit.

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